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Sielos giria (Soul forest) is home to unique and scientifically grounded „personality reforestation” method. We help people rediscover their connection with the forest, and – through the forest – with themselves.

Your travel through the soul forest will be assisted

by Ieva Pukelienė, a certified expert in the Japanese healing art of „forest bathing" (Shinrin-yoku).

The 2-2.5 hours of structured „forest bathing” practices under Ieva’s guidance allow bathers to totally relax their minds, charge their bodies with vital energy,

and allow the forest within themselves.

A ‘reforested’ person is a person ready

for positive life transformation.


welcome to the SOUL FOREST



I believe in science, and science believes in the healing powers of the forest. By drawing inspiration from Shinrin-Yoku tradition, I have developed an adapted methodology for what I call “personality reforestation”. This method can bring great benefits for modern city people who are searching for inner peace, who are seeking to reconnect with their environments, and to achieve important life breakthroughs.

The method is based on the assumption that

there’s no other place like the forest for meeting oneself. The rhythms of our modern lives don’t leave much room for intimate encounters.

I speak from personal experience. My career in the legal field was so all-consuming that I couldn’t see straight no more. But then the forest woke me up and made me realize that this is where I feel whole and truly joyful.

Now, through the adapted practices of Shinrin-Yoku,

I want others to experience the healing and life-changing powers of the forest. Extensive scientific research and my personal experience have proven to me that forest bathing is the surest way to recover one’s body and mind, and to face one’s dilemmas with confidence and conviction.

The structured practices of forest bathing invite the forest in. We bring its peace and wisdom back to our homes and our lives in the city. And we suddenly start noticing that something is different.

This is the essence of the „personality reforestation“.

Ieva Pukelienė Sielos Giria Founder

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